Prior to viewing
available land for lease,
MWV encourages
you to review
Leasing Land From MWV,
where you will find all of the information you need.
Just a few of the advantages
of leasing from MWV ....

STABILITY. Worried that your lease with a private landowner may unexpectedly end? Many of our leaseholders have enjoyed leasing from MWV for more than 60 years.
WELL-MANAGED FORESTS. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative™ program drives MWV's land management. Our wildlife management programs have earned many local, State, and National awards. Our leaseholders benefit by leasing forestland that is managed with attention on providing quality wildlife habitat, and thus, quality wildlife populations.

No leases are currently available; they are not generally available until late June. It does not appear that we will have any available this year.